Essays by Grahame Weinbren


Taking Up Space:
Brakhage, Snow, Wilson

published in The LAICA Journal

Emulating The Erl King

published in Art In-Sight 14 / Filmwaves 27

Essay for ICC Tokyo

Time Artists: John Cage, Hollis Frampton, Pat O'Neill

published in Intercommunication 32 (Japanese)

Mastery: Sonic C'est Moi

published in The New Screen Media: Cinema/Art/Narrative

Ocean, Database, Recut

published in Database Aesthetics: Art in the Age of Information Overflow

Navigating the Ocean of Streams of Story

published in Future Cinema: The Cinematic Imaginary After Film

Post Future Past Perfect

published in Experimental Film and Video Anthology

Random Access Rules

published in Cinema Futures: Cain, Abel or Cable


The PC is a Penguin

published in Bild Medium Kunst



To Touch is to See:
Nanomandela and Coitus Reservatus

published in
Millennium Film Journal Nos. 45/46 (Fall 2006)