We were away for 5 years, but now we're back

Angry face

In 2002 I inadvertently allowed my domain name grahameweinbren.com to expire. Within a few hours a carrion-sucking sub-human, with an address registered in Slovenia, swooped in and snapped it up.

I wrote to this Transylvanian to find out what he wanted with my name, which is unique as far as I know, and the cheap con artist offered to sell it back to me for $200. $200 for my own name!

So I looked into what it would take to challenge ownership of a domain name. To plead your case before the internet supreme court, whatever it is called, is $1000 a hit. Apparently it was certain that I would win the case, but the fee was fixed and could not be waived or returned.

Angry face

I suppose the bone-picking consumer of decaying flesh believed that I would find the savings of $800 worthwhile. I found it nauseating, so instead I registered grahameweinbren.net, and rebuilt my modest website here.

Then, in December 2009, I started to get emails from a second generation of carrion eaters. They had grabbed my name when the Slovenian vampires let it lapse. Now the price was $99, payable by Paypal. No negotiation or contact with the enemy necessary, just an impersonal $99 click.

So I clicked.

Eventually this URL will open to the website which contains all the information about my current and past works. But for now, I am using it for this morality tale.

The moral: DON'T BE LATE

Grahame Weinbren